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Our deodorant ingredients can be used in drinks, snacks, processed foods, condiments, and a whole other variety of foodstuff. As functional materials, they also provide options for reducing breath, body, and fecal odors.

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Product Comparative Chart

Odor Nitrogen compounds Volatile sulfur compounds
ammonia Trimethylamine Hydrogen sulfide Methylcaptan Allyl mercaptan
Test concentration
150 20 20 5 0.33
V-20 99.7< 98.5<      
PS-M 94.7 91.9 99.7< 96.0<  
Odor Lower fatty acid Ketone
Acetic acid Isovaleric acid Diacetyl
Test concentration
50 50 1000
V-20 98< 97.6<  
PS-M 98.0< 97.6< 96.1