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Product Information for Deodorant IngredientsGOODS/FOODS/QUASI‐DRUG



[ Globule®



  • Soaps / Detergent
  • Cosmetics
  • Sprays
  • Deodorant for hospital care
  • Toiletry goods

Source of odor

  • Body odor
  • Cancer odor
  • Fecal odor

The main component is 1,8-cineole contained in eucalyptus essential oil, and it deodorizes odorous components contained in cancer odor, body odor and fecal odor by chemical reaction.

Deodorant Performance

Dimethyl trisulfide
Dimethyl disulfide
Isovaleric acid

Product Information

Base This product is an essential oil obtained through steam distillation of the leaves of Eucalyptus globulus Labillardiere and related plants.
Features The deodorizing active ingredient in Globule® is more than 70% eucalyptol (1,8-cineol ), making it a highly safe deodorant equivalent to “Eucalyptus Oil” listed in the Japanese Standards of Quasi-drug Ingredients 2021.
The eucalyptol combines with highly hydrophobic malodorous components, which initiates chemical reactions such as Van Der Waals force or hydrogen bonding to reduce the concentration of the malodorous component in a given space.
Characteristics ① Appearance ・・・ Colorless liquid
② Odor ・・・ Includes a characteristic fragrance
③ specific gravity ・・・ 0.907~0.927(20℃)
④ Solubilit y ・・・ Easily soluble in ethanol ; Insoluble in water
Application Miscellaneous goods, cosmetics, quasi-drug products

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