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Rilis Corporation takes care of odors
―the problems of the modern age

Rilis Corporation delivers deodorizing materials derived from natural plants to the world, offering solutions to odor issues in diverse areas.
We continue our research and development to eradicate all sorts of unpleasant odor from the world.

Management Philosophy

“The New, the Growth, the Will, and the Bond”
  • “New(新)” means to challenge ourselves to discover new things and approaches.
  • “Growth(成)” refers to becoming an autonomous individual who thinks and acts on their own.
  • “Will(気)” indicates the resolve to complete a plan with great willpower, spirit, and belief.
  • “Bond(結束)” is the driver individuals use to call on others with commitment and sincerity in order to draw out further power.

Message from the President

Kenichi Nakamura, President Kenichi Nakamura, President

Odor is one of the key environmental elements that, depending on its nature, can make the surrounding environment comfortable or unpleasant. The most common complaint among those related to public hazards concerns odor, from which we can presume the weight of this issue in people’s minds. In recent years, in addition to environmental odors, people has become more conscious of body odor, breath odor, and pet odor, which led to the marketing of deodorant goods for such odor problems.

Rilis Corporation’s undertakings on odor started in 1984, when we discovered that juice extracted from bitter persimmon has excellent deodorizing and antibacterial properties. Since then, we have dedicated our efforts to explore chemical deodorants and deodorizing antibacterial agents that use natural plant essences in order to provide deodorizing ingredients to diverse areas. Notably, Rilis Corporation’s continuous research on the application of persimmon tannin has led to the successful development and patenting of PANCIL®, a material with excellent odor control properties against hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans.

PANCIL® also demonstrates antibacterial action against periodontal disease bacteria, a cause of breath odor, which contributes to controlling the source of breath odor. Together with the deodorizing effect on mercaptans, a primary cause of breath odor, PANCIL® combats odor in synergy. We also succeeded in removing the rubber odor from natural rubber. As I mentioned above, the field of application of our products covers a broad range of solutions to the odor problem: food, cosmetics, sundries, and other odorous sources in working environments. If you are considering development of a new deodorant or deodorizer, please consult our staff. We look forward to your patronage and support for our products.

Kenichi Nakamura, Representative Director & President

Quality management system[ISO9001] Certification

Rilis Co., Ltd. acquired the international standard "ISO 9001: 2015" of the Quality Management System at the head office and factory on December 14, 2018.
We aim to continuously improve / improve the effectiveness of the system by striving to achieve quality targets for all employees in all departments and divisions.

  • ISO9001:2015 Registration card

    ISO9001 Registration card
  • Certification acquisition mark

    ISO9001 Certification acquisition mark

    ISO9001:2015 Certified

Obtaine Halal certification

Food grade PANCIL PS-M has obtained Halal certification from the Nippon Asia Halal Association.

  • Certificate of Halal Authentication

    Certificate of Halal Authentication
  • Halal mark

    Halal mark

Company Profile

Company name Rilis Co., Ltd.
Established December 1984
Head office 5-13-7 Niitaka, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 532-0033
[TEL] +81-6-6395-0555
[FAX] +81-6-6395-0566

Rooibos Tea Business Division
[TEL] +81-6-6395-0560
[FAX] +81-6-6395-0566
Business 1. Research, development, manufacture, and distribution of deodorant and ingredients for deodorants and antibacterial agents
2. Research, development, manufacture, and distribution of plant-derived, physiologically active substances
3. Research and development of functional foods
4. Odor testing
5. Antibacterial activity testing
6. Odor substance analysis
Officers Representative Director & Chairperson: Manabu Nakamura
Representative Director & President: Kenichi Nakamura
Auditor: Satoshi Kawaguchi
Employees 14
Capital 20 Million Yen
Major bank Shin-Osaka Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

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