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  • fibers
  • films
  • sheets
  • sprays
  • floor waxes

Product Information

Base This product contains 95% or more of xanthoxylin, which is acomponent derived from the peel of Hua Jiao (Zanthoxylum bungeanum).
It is a naturally-derived mite repellent raw material produced by a synthetic method.
Features Low volatility and high thermal stability provide strong repellent effects.
The repellent effect is maintained even after heat treatment (200°C, 120 minutes).
Application Please make use of it as a mite repellent for general goods.
* Application examples: fibers, films, sheets, floor waxes, and sprays
Related patent Patent No. 6715429
Properties ① Appearance: white to pale yellow crystalline powder
② Odor: slightly peculiar
③ Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol
④ Vapor pressure: 3.75×10−5 mmHg (room temperature)
Repellent performance: Repellent rate obtained by mite repellent test (invasion prevention method): 91.4% (0.1g/m²)

Repellent effect on 10,000 test mites (micrograph)

  • Untreated filter paper (24 hours later)

    Untreated filter paper (24 hours later)

  • Filter paper with 0.1 g/m2 applied (24 hours later)

    Filter paper with 0.1 g/m2 applied (24 hours later)

※The repellent test was conducted with Dermatophagoides farina based on JIS L 1920 Testing methods for efficacy against house dust mite of textiles.

Other repellent performance Repellent rate obtained by ant repellent test: 99.9%(0.1g/m²) ※Testing organization: Viable Co., Ltd.
※We have confirmed the repellent effect on 30 test ants.
Ochetellus glaber was used for the ant repellent test.

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